Modelling & Interviewed for Seventeen Magazine Thailand

I was born with a physical abnormality; a leg condition that causes my left leg to swell larger than my right. I was invited by Seventeen Thailand Magazine to speak on the topic of female body image and encouragement.

Due to my left leg being slightly larger than my right, Seventeen Thailand asked me to speak in order to empower young female readers on body image. In 2017, I was interviewed by the Editor and Chief of the magazine (which is written in Thai) about how I cope with the stereotypes of the ideal perfect body. I answered by stating how I eventually overcame the embarrassment of wearing shorts and walking around with uneven legs by not caring about the benchmark society has put up. Thus, during the interview, there was a mutual agreement that my larger leg would not be photoshopped, as I am not ashamed with the way I was born, and that was what I wanted to convey to the readers.

During this process, I learned how to remain objective and professional. It was the first time I was asked to speak openly about anything, but the fact that it was an extremely personal topic taught me how to be mature and sophisticated, even though I was only 17.

This goes hand-in-hand with the other works in my collection "Learning to Love Yourself" as most of the works I have done is geared towards empowerment and learning to accept yourself and others.

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